Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To My Sista in Plastic Surgery...

Cakegrrl's Christmas Cookie

1 oz. Ginger-infused vodka (KETEL, preferably!!) recipe HERE.

1 oz. Absolut vanilia

1 oz. Dekuyper butterscotch schnapps

1/2 oz Baileys

1/2 oz Goldschlager

splash of milk or half & half

Dash of Nutmeg

Serve in a frosty, sugar-rimmed martini glass.

Now what is your excuse for not baking during the holidays, hmmm?


JK said...

HA! You came through! I KNEW it!

Now I can get to bakin' and watch 'em all get fat before my eyes - HaHaHaHa!


JK said...

OK... Well next time I wqill actually READ to the end! I thought it was an actual cookie recipe withy booze! HA!

I think I'll bring this over to my friend's this weekend for a little holiday cheer.


PS -- I think I found a home for me & the 3. Deets later in my blog.

PPS... I have a "good friend" in Sac that I want you look up for me.

e-mail me!! :-)

cakegrrl said...

email me tomorrow... I am curious about this sacto person. odds are I already know them or know of them because this town can be creepily/uncomfortably small... ;) I sometimes feel like everybody knows everybody here.

cakegrrl said...

hich reminds me...My schnoz is going to be two years old this January (superbowl weekend, as a matter of fact). This calls for a party in Vegas... ;)

sandye said...
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