Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Treats for the Troops

No Matter What You Think...

...about the conflict in the Middle East, our good men and women are over there and need our continued support.
Here is a list of things recommended to send to them this holiday season:


Instant coffee

Powdered Gatorade

Powdered hot chocolate

Kool-Aid (presweetened)

Candy (Things that won't melt)

Fun Stuff...

Stationary kits

Phone cards (AT&T works best from Kuwait)

Disposable cameras

Electronic hand-held games

Handmade items and cards

Mailing instructions...

Put any item that could leak, melt or is scented in a leak-proof, re-sealable bag.

Use a sturdy corrugated, brown kraft box, as free of other markings as possible.

Fill extra space with foam peanuts, popcorn or bubble wrap.

Double tape all seams with strong packing or shipping tape. Make sure you have strip going around all sides.

Fill out "Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note" at the post office. Briefly list the contents, but underestimate the value to discourage thieves.

The postage will be at the regular rate or Priority Mail rate if desired and going to an APO.

What NOT to send...

Obscene articles and comics: Obscene articles, letters, prints, paintings, cards, films, videotapes, T-shirts, etc., and horror comics and matrices are prohibited.

Objectionable material: Any matter depicting nude or seminude people, pornographic or sexual items or unauthorized political materials is prohibited.

Religious material: Items contrary to the Islamic faith are prohibited in bulk quantities, but items for the personal use of the addressee are permissible.

Pork prohibited: Pork or pork byproducts are prohibited.

Note: Customs officers have been known to halt packages containing the above restricted items. Please respect the rules, the troops and their deployed country.

Do not send lighters: Heat can cause lighters to burst.

To ensure delivery of holiday cards and packages by Dec. 25 to military APO/FPO addresses overseas and to international addresses, the U.S. Postal Service suggests sending them by recommended mailing dates. Check at your local post office for the specific dates, which include Dec. 4-19 for Priority and Express Mail services. For more information, go to www.usps.com/supportingourtroops/.

Or just go here and send some thanks...


wheresmymind said...

Kudos on the post...politics should have nothing to do with supporting our neighbors

melly53 said...

Can we send cake?

Thanks for this post.

cakegrrl said...

I wish I could! I think you can send cookies without melty ingredients. Homemade gingersnaps or graham crackers would be rad...

Jennifer said...

Absolutely agree with you and Jeff! Another thing the troops like and could use are baby wipes!