Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cakegrrl's "Frosty" Mix

140 grams (1 cup) frozen raspberries or strawberries

3 packets artificial sweetener

1 Tbs Jello Fat Free Sugar Free Pudding Mix

3 Tbs Unsweentened Cocoa

1-2 Trays Coffee Ice Cubes*

Hot Coffee to blend (I use decaf, because I often enjoy recipe at night.)

1 Tbs Chocolate Protein Powder

Place everything in the blender and add hot coffee SLOWLY and a little at a time. Pulse to break up ice cubes and break down frozen fruit. Pour into container and set in freezer to set up. Ready to enjoy in 5 minutes.

Total calories in entire recipe: 180-200 depending on product brands used.
The result tastes very much like a smoothie/Frosty and makes about 1 quart!! I enjoy with my mock cheesecake topping and chocolate syrup I also make.

Coffee Cubes

Brew your favorite coffee and pour into ice trays. Freeze overnight. Who needs those expensive blended drinks now? I use to make iced coffee in the mornings--sometimes I blend it, sometimes I just throw it in the glass with chilled leftover coffee I keep in a pitcher. No coffee should ever go to waste, unless its Starbucks. Ew. :)

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Swedishcarrina said...

I really enjoy your blog, and the simple fact that you said ewe to Starbucks makes me like it even more. You are awesome.