Saturday, April 21, 2007

Here are pics of some other entries... :)

The first picture took first place...I thought the presentation of first and third place were spectacular. (Next year I am going to do something a little nicer than plastic!), and the second picture took third! The chicken sandwiches below the sweets were *robbed* so yummy (and so pretty!), and the lady that made them was so nice. The sandwiches had a strawberry chipotle sauce and fresh strawberries on top. She let me have a sample and I put some of my guacamole on it. Mmmmmm... :)

The last pic is me onstage after they called my name. :)

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Jennifer said...

Oh man...this looks delicious. I'll keep you posted- but I want to get back to California if possible when I'm done with taking care of this health and school stuff, so I may be looking for a job in the Sacramento area in the next 3-5 years and hoping to god I can move back to Cali! I'll definitely keep you posted.

This is something to look forward to as well! :)