Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm All About Eve's...

It's the little market that could.

Since I have been spending less time downtown and more time at work, I have sought out other places to shop that are close to the Senior Magazine offices and my gym.

You might have heard about Eve's Market over on the Sac Rag, but I want to show you why this grocery store is a diamond in the rough.

Twilight at Eve's on Marconi and Walnut. I was not mugged in the parking lot!

It seems to be part of the IGA's, as they carry some of the same generic products that Vic's IGA does over on Fulton Avenue. They also carry a wide variety of ethnic food ingredients (largely Middle Eastern). One section near the produce is devoted to dried spices and beans sold in bulk.

They have a little coffee stand that does not sell Starbucks. YAY! The coffee stand is called "Adam's Coffee". Adam? Eve? Apple logo? Get it?

Don't miss their Deli/ready to eat food section. There are a lot of old standards there, but some Middle Eastern dishes for sale, too.

There is also a bakery with items that are made on the premises, such as this fine little cake right here:

Just take a look at the interior of this place. There are plasma tvs all around that are dialed into the Food Network. This is a great marketing ploy to foil shoppers into thinking they can make something they saw on the store television and buying all the ingredients in one fell swoop! I laugh as I see people and their carts staring at the screens with their mouths agape.

What's this? Oh yeah... one of my favorite sections... I love all the brands Eve's sells that no one else does. Did I mention how fair the prices are?

Now HERE's my favorite section. A bunch of zinfandels all in a row!

One last thing I noticed that I loved... There are NO TABLOIDS sold at Eve's! See?

So, if you are ever out in the Carmichael/Arden area, drop into Eve's. Chances are, you will find some sort of bizarre food product you can't live without, and be able to pick up some eggs and milk at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Isn't 'Star' a tabloid?

cakegrrl2007 said...

hmmm... anony...ya got me there...I suppose it is, but not in the same light as Weekly World News. There were none of the tabloid junkies there, K? ;)

Craig & Malinda said...

Thanks for the review. It's an interesting concept. It's the upside of Super Walmarts. We get less traditional supermarkets but more innovative niche markets moving into the area.

Of course, I still try to avoid Walmart :-)

Unknown said...

You're looking for exotic ingredients? Two words: Mango Pickles

cakegrrl2007 said...

I bet those pickles would taste great on a grilled chicken sandwich...

Mike said...

Just got back from Eve's. Wow!!! What a great store. The best quality produce in town and what a great meat counter. What a selection. We are a family of five and we are def. HOOKED. Now we can do all of our shopping at one place and with these prices still have a lot of our paychecks left!!
Thank You Eve's