Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Save the Blue Goose

On Saturday evening there will be a fundraiser called the "2007 Celebrity Chef" at the Blue Goose Fruit Shed, 3550 Taylor Rd., in Loomis.

This event will be held by the South Placer Heritage Foundation to preserve historical sites in Placer County, California. Saturday's proceeds will go towards the renovation of the Blue Goose Fruit Shed.

This is taken from their website:

"The Past:
In 1945 the California Fruit Exchange (est. 1901) built a fruit packing shed located at Taylor and King Roads in Loomis. Peaches, plums and pears were brought in all summer from local farmers. The fruit was sorted, packed and shipped nationwide.

The project’s purpose:

To retain the distinctive building in downtown Loomis that symbolizes South Placer heritage and differentiates the area from other regions.

To create needed space for company meetings, private parties, community events and cultural exhibits that will attract more people to historic downtown Loomis.

To become the local home of Cowboy Poetry."

Cowboy Poetry is a cause I certainly support! :)

For more information on the event, go here.

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