Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stonegrill and Bar

New steak and seafood restaurant at 21st & L across from the Distillery opens today (May 1st) I am pretty sure. They offer "a new and exciting interactive dining experience that presents your meal cooking on a heated lava stone at your table." I love steak and seafood, but it sounds kinda gimmicky to me. We'll see, I guess! Here is a sampler menu from their main website. I am sure the Sac place will be more localized:

International Stonegrill Menu Stonegrill Steak.

Prime aged Eye Fillet, Sirloin, or Rib Eye. For Beef that is tender, lean and juicy.

Seafood Combination.

Fresh Scallops, Prawns, Fish and other seasonal delicacies.

Marinated Mixed Grill.

A selection of marinated Beef, Pork Tenderloin, Lamb and Chicken.

Satay Combination.

A skewered selection of marinated Pork, Beef and Chicken.

Stonegrill Chicken.

Tender skinless Breast of Chicken with that unique Stonegrill Taste.


Unknown said...

I did that in boy scouts on a camping trip. It's basically just a geologic hot plate. Nothing special. But yeah, neat if you've never seen it before.

But if the food is good, then I guess the gimmick doesn;t matter too much (just as long as you aren't paying too much for it).

cakegrrl2007 said...

I am thinking the prices are comparable to Melting Pot... but I have not seen anything to confirm this. The website link I have is to their other restaurant, Niskiki...so no price giveaways on there. I would have really rather have seen Nishiki open a shabu shabu joint to spin off the Japanese theme!