Monday, August 06, 2007

A's Big Meltdown... Reheated

So last Friday, me and about 20 others gathered together in honor of a man and his love for fromage. Here's what went down...

Cheese Fondue, Bleu Cheese Tater Tots

Photos of the guests!!!

So here is the honored guest. One of my BFF's in Sac. That would be one of my Best Food Friends, I suppose! I think we all succeeded in keeping the party under wraps for a full three weeks. My friends rule. Thanks to everyone for such a great evening :)

This was billed a grilled cheese party, but the hilarious thing is that there was only one sandwich made the entire evening. It was gouda? on three cheese sourdough bread.

The cake was White Chocolate Almond Amaretto. And it had a grilled cheese "sandwich" (made from cake) on top of it.

There are photos of the cutting, and I will throw those up here when I get them...

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