Monday, August 06, 2007

WCA Construction Project (part two)
Grilled Cheese Cake!

The butter cakes were made with amaretto and white chocolate in the batter. I baked one in a jellyroll pan to serve as the "sandwich" and I baked two rounds to serve as the base. Then I made the filling.

The filling was made by toasting almonds and then grinding them in the food processor with a little amaretto. I don't have a shot of the next step, but I basically added a can of processed almond paste to my more texturized almond paste. I wanted more mouthfeel than a paste from a can, but I wanted to add to what I had made. It was a nice blend. I added a bit of buttercream to make it spread nicely between the layers.

Then I made the almond butter syrup to brush on the layers and keep them super m*ist! The syrup was made with sugar, amaretto, and a whole stick of butter... Niiice...

Then finished cake looked like this. I presented it to my good friend A for a surprise party that was held on Friday night. Both in honor of him, and in the honor of cheese!

And the heavens opened, and behold... The Grilled Cheese Cake!

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Jennifer said...

Wow, that is an awesome looking cake!! Bravo!!