Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The EB... Where da Party at...

I have to say the servers and management at Elephant Bar in Citrus Heights are great. The management held the ice cream and cupcakes in their walk in while we were having dinner and drinks. Then they PLATED the cupcakes, put candles in them (and lit them), and brought everything out. Everyone had a terrific time and I got to meet some of MT's other friends. Fun. Also, shout out to DD (of Tuck and Shuffle fame) for finishing a half marathon on Saturday!


Miss XaXa said...

I miss the Elephant Bar! :(

I enjoy reading your blog; only I wish I lived in CA full time...I would apply to be on the "BFF" list!

cakegrrl2007 said...

Hi XaXa... no application necessary... You'd automatically be a BFF. ;) BTW, my TC3 pick is CJ. What a tall drink of water he is... Ha.