Friday, September 14, 2007

So Cranky

This no-sugar (other than fruit) thing is much harder than I thought. It's withdrawal city over here. I am completely run down/worn out. Has anyone ever done this before and did you experience the same thing?

In other news, my PB2 arrives today! Wheeeeeeeee....


ACK said...

I am planning on trying the same thing when I get back from Japan. I read a book about the alkalizing diet, which helps a lot of different health problems. They suggest taking a few weeks off of a sugar to detox. I am nervous about it because I am such a sugar addict, but I think it will be good for me.

Anonymous said...

yes...for 18 months i did not have sugar, anything with a sugar like substance in it, fruit juice, certain fruits that are high in sugar, anything white like white flour or white rice, any flour at all for that matter.....i did lose 150 lbs....but i nearly went all my hair fell out....and when i went off this food hell highway (i lost it on orange juice one day and it was like crack) i gained all the weight back plus very very quickly.....i do remember being cranky and tired....couldnt wake up....ended up going on prozac and starting therapy...i know lots of people who dont eat sugar and they are all bitches rather be fat.

cakegrrl2007 said...

You know, if you can't sign your d*mn name, anony, don't bother to comment. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

wow you really are cranky!

can i sign a fake name?

how bout Squeezemycupcakes?

cakegrrl2007 said...

I just think you should sign your name to back up what you say is all. That little hairloss comment got me, ya know...low blow.

Cathleen said...

Yep, I've done the sugar detox. It sucks for about two weeks...and then you really do start to get over it. Or at least, I THOUGHT I was, but then it turns out I'm pregnant, so it may just be that morning sickness turned me against sugary things! But I think it was probably more going off really do eventually get used to it. By the way, about your blog about not eating enough and gaining weight with whatever you eat...I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat. Now I'm pregnant so it's a moot point...but I can SO relate to that. If you ever find a happy medium that allows you to eat without packing on the pounds, post it on your blog! I've been lookin' for years to find that place....

cakegrrl2007 said...

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

WarrenG said...

Your muscles need sugars to function and so does your brain. During the first week or so you're using up your glycogen stores and giving up the water (weight) that is stored with the glycogen (3 grams of water for each gram of glycogen).

And if you plan to exercise much, forget it. Your low fuel stores and relatively poor availability of those fuels (only fat and protein) will limit your performance and cannibalize muscle tissue for its protein.

Few minutes spent with Google searches on exercise physiology will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

im not sure why the hairloss comment got hair fell out....totally freaked me sister went on the same no sugar diet and her hair all fell out too....she really ever got hers gay hairdressers made me buy these really expensive phyto natural oil pills and swore that my hair would grow back if i took them....well i pent a fortune on them for 2 months and my hair came back thicker than then i bought them for my sister and my daughter who has lupus and lost all her hair long ago and it didnt work on rambling....its not uncommon to lose all your hair when you lose a lot of weight...ask anyone who has had gastric bypass.

by the way i would never sign my real name to anything i wrote on the internet....or identify myself in any way....crazy people out there will use it against you at some point....its just safer in general to stay anonymous.

cakegrrl2007 said...

I lost my hair a while back, when I first got into running and losing weight, that is why the hairloss comment got me. I do NOT think it was because of the exercise or cutting out white food and sugar like I did before.

I ALWAYS sign my name to back up what I say...or I won't say it at all.

You must go around and say things quite often to offend people if you are that scared someone will try to use something you have said against you.

Actually I was just curious to know who you are to know if you knew me personally... that is the only reason you would ever have any right to say what you said about me being cranky or being a bitch. EVERYONE close to me knows I am hard to handle, but that also that I can be the sweetest person in the world at times.

I can get through all this just fine and I will never be fat again. I am sugar detoxing for other reasons besides being fat. Sugar triggers me to overeat. I do want to eat. I am trying to learn how to do so properly. I want to be happy in my own skin.

Anonymous said...

a) i dont think i know you

b) one of the benefits of being anonymous is you dont have to filter your comments out of fear someone will be offended or stalk you or retailiate because they didnt like what you had to say....i like that better than everyone holding back...its more authentic and real.

c) my bitch comments werent about you at all i promise.

d) i went off sugar for precisely the reasons you works on some level but for me it also has consequences that i did not like or in the end accept...i went in a different direction which also has consequences but im more serene.

e) whatever works for you, you should do it and i wish you well...your diary was about being cranky when you are off comments were spot on andmy experience...if you dont want to hear what other people experience turn off the fucking comments.

f) i thought this blog was about cake....i didnt realize id be in an overeaters anonymous meeting every time i came here...maybe you should change the title of the blog?

cakegrrl2007 said...

Well, it is now pretty evident why you don't sign your name. Thanks for proving my point. I hope you don't say things like that to anyone you love or care about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cakegrrrrrl:

Sometimes I think it's merely a matter of "pick your poison."
Although a very active person, I am currently at an unhappy weight due to a few years of not cooking, not taking care of myself, making bad choices when I go out to eat, exercising inconsistently, etc., so am back to what has always worked best for me--the low-carb thing. Which is absolutely what works for ME. But, in choosing not to eat carbs and sugar (let's not go into HFCS! I must have SOMETHING), I am eating what is, for me, an uncomfortable amount of dairy for me -- I have cheese, never drink milk, but I think soy is healthier for lots of reasons. But, conversely, when I am doing lo-carb, that is the only time I eat lots and lots of veggies and like I said, pick your poison. I eat a lot of eggs (free range raised, organic), cheese, and try to make it to the farmer's market for local veggies, but have been rather lazy at that lately. I figure when I get to a healthy weight, I will rely less on unhealthy dairy cheese or convert to the healthier soy alternatives.

As for exercise, I trained for six months and ran a marathon while doing low carb. I NEVER lost any hair -- I have very thick curly hair. And I have MORE energy when I'm doing lo carb than any other program. Running is my "basic" exercise and you can obtain enough healthy carbs to fuel your exercise program with any program, I think, as long as you are educated in what you need to do. You do not need to eat sugar to run. I'm not eating ANY carbs now because I'm losing weight, but when I am on maintenance I basically eschew fruit (except for tomatoes) and add some whole wheat grains. Which works for me, because I basically do not like fruit (unless it's in a cobbler)...I basically LIKE the lo-carb options, which is one reason why the "program" works for me and why I naturally gravitate to it.

I think people need to experiment and find out what program works for them and their systems and their lifestyle. If you are feeling really bad after two weeks, I would probably check with my health person just to make sure there isn't something else going on. Really, there is just no need to suffer with crankiness or feeling listless. Life is too short and there are many good options for fixing problems.

Although sweets are not necessarily a trigger for me, I am a devotee of those high fat and processed foods that I was raised on -- Kraft Mac n Cheese, ding dongs, chicken in a biscuit with processed cheese, Kraft sliced makes me sick to write about it! I really like the salty and crunchy and high processed and high fat. It is very hard to put away your "childish things" -- in this, case food. But, there it is, so much for my educated foodie palette...

I have lurked around your site for awhile. I received a KitchenAid Mixer for my birthday (what I asked for) so I could go back to my domestic goddess days. I used to be so into the whole Martha Stewart thing (I'm fortysomething): I sewed curtains, made meals, baked, holidays were a big big deal...then get divorced aa few years ago and rebelled against cooking and baking. Now I feel inspired, partly by your website and others that are similar, and partly because my youngest (15) doesn't really remember when I was domestic, and I want her to carry with her the joys of baking and cooking and feeding those you love. I know that if I work at controlling myself, I can cook and bake, and enjoy doing so, and not let it turn into an excuse for eating too much.

I do think you can have your cake and eat (some of) it too....doesn't mean you have to eat the whole thing. For me, baking was always about sharing with (and impressing) others. I don't think you blog has turned into an overeater's anonymous blog, and I hope you will keep at it.

C'est Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi MissCake I miss you so here I am.

I've never even attempted what you are doing. I know others who have for a bit and they went bonkers,jonesing for anything with sugar. It lead them to b/p. Just be careful K.

Maybe rather than a hardcore detox it would be easier to wheen yourself. Don't know?

Anon,sorry to say but you are what statistics are made of. You may have done and had happen what you said,personally I don't care,but it is a shame you went to all that trouble to starve yourself to only become fat again.

You say you would rather be fat.
That is the biggest,no pun intended,excuse there is. You failed at weightloss. Get off your high horse and stop harassing people who want to succeed.

I will say I am not usually this rude or nasty and it has nothing to do with the internet because I would say all of that to your face.

You are a coward!

Now go and pick on someone your own size!


cakegrrl2007 said...

You totally rock. Someday I will come out to visit you.

C'est Kim - Thanks for your comments as well. I am happy you like the blog and I think it is important to pass on the art of cooking/baking, as I try to do with my niece when I am "home" (Ohio). I think I lost my hair due to other things, but my diet at the time might have contributed to it. I think some of my tired/crankiness might have been due to initial detoxing and lack of sleep, and well... I really missed the bf when he was away for a few days. He really is a lot of positive energy and great to have on my side--so naturally I am happier when he is in town. I feel OK today... one day at a time. :)

I don't believe in censoring comments. I encourage feedback, even if it is negative. I just don't think it's cool to engage in personal attacks on people's blogs like it's or job or something. That's all.