Thursday, September 13, 2007


Is a big step for me. You that know me best are aware of what I am going through and what I am trying to do to improve my life. I have been asked whether or not I am still going to do this blog, considering the title and how I haven't swallowed and ENJOYED a whole slice of real CAKE (containing real sugar, butter, etc.) in YEARS.
The last time I had a whole piece of cake was before I even moved here (2004!). (Yes, my BF at the time bought me a wonderful cake at Jungle Jim's in Fairfield.) The no cake thing might sound a little sad, but... It's because I know I have no regard for portion size, so it is good to stay away from items I know I could polish off in the blink of an eye.
...Which means I can't have sugar in the house anymore. More importantly, no more products that contain HFCS. I think that's where I have been missing the boat completely. Many of the diet foods I have purchased in the past (even though they might be low fat or low calorie comparatively) still contain HFCS. That means even fat free cool whip... which I have come to kinda love on my otherwise sugar free mochas in the morning. Boooo...
I am addicted to sugar, specifically the treats I was raised on as a kid (that I know all the food snobs out there say they don't eat/don't buy/don't like, but I know you are LYING... I saw you in Safeway at midnight when they had a ten for ten on Hostess.)
No more sugar. Now presenting the new cakegrrl, without all the shameless gluttony.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, HFCS is a terrible thing. I have more concerns about it as a public health issue than a personal dietary issue (though it definitely is) but I think that eventually HFCS as an additive will become a major issue in this country. It is added to most processed foods, even "diet foods" that people think are more healthy.

Good for you, you are far ahead of the curve on this... jennyo