Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fair Update

I just got my fair entry sheets back in the mail. I found out that my PB cookies were DISSqualified. Whatevs. "Shaped cookie, not drop category". Wha? Um, no... I did "drop" them into the cupcake pans, b*tches. Ha!
Then, the JAM... ah yes, the jam that WON THE BALL contest (double chin pic, ugh!). It was DISSED, too. Because of the way I labeled it. "should be labeled B/10, not "pressure canned". OK, admittedly, that actually IS my fault for not reading the mice type on the entry rules LETTER by LETTER. ;)
But, on the bright side, the chocolate malt cookies I made got good remarks and I received a "special participant" ribbon. *sigh* SM swoon LOVED them, that's all that matters to me.


Anonymous said...

I adore your blog! Wanted to share with you info on our upcoming Jr. Chef Culinary Convention, the first of its kind in the nation (and likely the would probably know if that's not the case!). It's being held in Sacramento, California on October 20 of this year. In brief: 500 kids, broken down into 'tracks' of 100. Each 'track' a different color denoting a specific cooking class focus. Within each 'track', the group of 100 is segmented by age into groups of 25. There's also an 'iron chef' style culinary competition with 5 teams of 4, each representing a different 'track'.

This is a non-profit event, being hosted by my not-for-profit Jr. Chef Cooking Program. More than 400 kids have participated in the week-long, 40 hour Jr. Chef program over the past 3 years. Despite working exclusively with boys and girls ages 10-15 (average age 11), in a commercial kitchen, with professional knives (Wusthof), turning out a 4 course meal from scratch daily, there have been no stitches, burns, trips to the emergency ward or threats of lawsuits! I thank God for this and also for the opportunity to have been blessed to touch the lives of so many kids and their families.

Detailed info on the event and program can be found on my website If you find anything there you think would be of interest to your readers, please feel free to share.


cakegrrl2007 said...

Thanks for the info, but I would have appreciated this info in an email to me asking me to post it, instead of simply pasting your event in my comments section.
Ah well...

You did better by contacting Garrett, more exposure that way. I will, however, publish this in the magazine for which I work.