Friday, October 19, 2007

Cakegrrl's NO(sugar) LO(fat) LOCO CocoNUT Pie

Cakegrrl's NO(sugar) LO(fat) LOCO CocoNUT Pie

20 Wasa crackers (the 20 calorie a piece kind) crushed.
2 drops wilton butter flavoring or 2 shakes butter sprinkles product
1/2 cup Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs
4 Tbs egg substitute
1-2 drops vanilla
1 Packet Splenda or Stevia

1/2 cup Organic Unsweetened Reduced Fat Coconut
2-3 drops Coconut Extract
1 1/2 cups Blue Diamond unsweetened milk
1/8 cup Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk
1 Box Sugar Free Fat Free White Chocolate Jello Pudding Mix
3 Packets Splenda or Stevia

2 Tbs coconut--same brand used as above (toast on a cookie sheet in hot oven until golden brown)

Soak the coconut in a mixture of the splenda packets and the 1/8 almond milk. Stir in the coconut extract.
Let sit while you prepare the Pudding Mix with the remaining 1.5 cups almond milk. Stir the coconut mixture into the prepared pudding. Refrigerate to set.

Toast the 2 Tbs coconut under the low broiler setting in the oven. Keep a close watch. It browns quickly.

After the coconut is toasted, set the oven to 425.
Crush the wasa crackers and the kashi into crumbs. Set aside. In a small bowl combine the egg beaters, vanilla, splenda, a little salt, and the butter flavoring. Stir and then add to the crumb mixture. Mix with fingers and then press into a pie pan. Bake crust until it holds together and is browned. Let cool.

Pour premade filling into the pie crust and then top the pie with the toasted coconut. Place in freezer to set up. I like to keep the pie in the freezer so it is easier to slice with a hot knife to portion. To serve, you can top with cool whip and a little sugar free chocolate syrup.

Enjoy. Serves 8 (made in an 8-in pan, and cut into 8 servings) at roughly 135 calories a serving (without the syrup or cool whip).

This pie is made with the lower fat, unsweetened coconut. It is available at Eve's Market in Carmichael and online at the links provided above.

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