Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friday Evening Wine Report

Moving on... and so glad. Friends of mine can email me and I will fill you in! Period. Ha.

Super fun Friday evening. "Bottle of red..." 2005 Rombauer Zin. Two word description: Delightfully Restrained. I guess because zinfandels can tend to be sort of Liberace-esque sometimes. This one was complex and spicy, not too sweet, and just mellow enough. I guess what adds to my review is that I was sharing the bottle (Yes, I cheat on the diet sometimes.) with someone who appreciates wine like I do! Yay.

I had steamed vegetables with sesame seeds brought to me on the side. Yay to Fat's for accommodating my requests. But check out the markup on that Zin... Typical, yes, but OUCH!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely ... I am always looking for more good wines, and am especially happy when I find a good limited edition cocktail!