Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bella Bru, I am Not Afraid of Saying the "L" Word To You...

OK, so I have a big crush on Bella Bru Cafe. The food is consistently good, and no matter who is in your party, they will find something on the menu to please their palate. Since everything is so fresh, they can abide by special dietary requests as well.

Last night I enjoyed the Caesar Salad with grilled prawns. The prawns are sizable, and plated in every corner of the large, square-shaped salad bowl. I was also served a lovely bread assortment of whole wheat, sourdough, ciabatta, and cranberry walnut!

House Salad and Pen, ready to write all the right answers!!

Bella has a roasted red pepper hummus I had with my bread assortment, that is also available on their Middle Eastern appetizer platter... Said platter was my dinner two weeks ago, so delightful, complete with olives, feta cheese, grilled flatbread, hummus, and tzatziki. I would describe the food at Bella Bru Natomas as Meditteranean/Italian style.

One of my favorite dishes is actually the side of roasted root vegetables with parsnips, carrots, celery root, shallots & garlic. That scores big points with me as parsnip is a favorite of mine! One of my frequent dining companions routinely orders the lasagna, and it never fails to let them down.

The service has also been a part of my positive dining experiences at Bella. On both Monday evenings, the restaurant was very busy, but the bar, waitstaff, and kitchen were on top of it. Everyone at my table was happy with their food and had a great time.

The pricing at Bella Bru is not cheap, yet is a relatively good value for the amount of food on the plate and the quality of the food. One can spend between $8-$23 per entree, depending on the dinner they choose. So, it is indeed affordable to be a repeat customer if you stick to a salad or burger ($9.50ish).

It was trivia night, as it is every Monday at this location. Currently, they run a $4 Finlandia cocktail special on Monday evenings, but I sipped happily on the Rombauer Zinfandel during the quiz. The trivia host is very cordial and walks around to socialize with all the guests who are participating in the game in between the questions he asks.

We didn't win last night, but teams that do can get up to $30 off their bill during a single evening, and a $100 gift card at the end of the month for most wins during the month! So, I can't resist coming back, because I have this undying hope that on one fateful night my team will reign supreme. I'll most definitely be a regular here with my fellow "Cacklin' Hens", the name of team!

On Fridays at 8pm, there is live music (along with a varying promo special for liquors), and there are also nightly drink specials depending on the day of the week. The aforementioned Finlandia cocktails special on Mondays, Tuesdays are top shelf margarita nights for $5, Wednesday is Ketel One night for $6 a drink, and Thursdays are for the tasters out there, wine, scotch, beer, cognac for $5-$10. Saturdays are half price for selected wines. Sundays are $5 mojito nights. There is an events page on the website to check times and exact pricing.

If I could give them a half star more for location I would, because they are walking distance to my new home. Good times.

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