Friday, July 11, 2008

Highlights of Grape & Gourmet 2008!

The Grape and Gourmet is always a fun and delicious evening for all who attend. Here are some pics I snapped of my favorite wines and some of the food on display. If you missed G & G, you'll still be able to try the wines at the upcoming California State Fair.

The Savemart display; welcoming patrons of Grape and Gourmet into the tasting exhibit.

This was one of my favorite wines of the evening. Valley of the Moon, Sangiovese Rose.

Arden Hills had these wonderful fish tacos. They danced merrily in my stomach. Well, not really, but I just thought it would be a funny thing to say. Mmm muy delicioso.

I loved the name of this one. Alibi... A red blend.

Trader Joe's display. Cookies and candy galore.

This was the only Meritage I saw being poured, but I could be wrong...

The famous Ink sliders. Mmmm, burger love.

Celebrity Sighting!!!

This was gnocchi with a tomato sauce, served by an Italian restaurant located in Rocklin. If anyone remembers the name of the establishment, please feel free to comment. The taste of the dish was good, but the gnocchi was a little mushy.

Bread on display by the Bread Store. See the bread to the left? I got to take it home with me and it was turned into a very tasty pizza bread the next evening.

Next up, brunch at Evan's Kitchen proves to be a wise decision...


Anonymous said...

Was the Italian place called Rubino's?


beckyjsacto said...

Ha! I love the celebrity sighting! He looks like the guy in the photo with me!


beckyjsacto said...

Scratch that...

...with me!