Monday, March 09, 2009

Entertainment Book Giveaway!

Here's an economic stimulus from me to you: I am giving away a 2009 Entertainment Book, right here on!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me:
1. Where your favorite place is to eat and why…
2. What can restaurant owners do to entice you to dine out despite the poor economy?

This is a national contest, so anyone in the US can win… (but you will have to leave your email info with your comment so I can get your book to you).

I am fighting for all my favorite places to remain open by visiting them &/or writing about them. Sometimes that means that I use a printed offer or discount, but I am still getting out at least once a week to dine or have drinks somewhere (preferably locally owned). I want to thank Big Spoon Yogurt, as they will accept "buy one, get one free" coupons from their area competitors!

More on the Entertainment Book: The Entertainment story began in 1962 when Hughes and Sheila Potiker, a suburban Detroit couple, developed a local coupon book offering discounts on sports, leisure activities and vacations. The next year, restaurants and other categories were added. Since then, Entertainment has expanded its product lines and now serves over 150 major markets throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and has an international licensee in Australia.

Valuable Offers from High-Profile Merchants: The Entertainment Book offers a variety of “2-for-1” and up-to-50%-off discounts at local and national restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, car washes, retail shopping, professional and college sporting events, attractions, dry cleaning establishments and more.

Beyond the valuable offers included in the Entertainment Book, consumers can register their Entertainment membership cards, included in each Book, at, for access to thousands of additional printable coupons, hotel offers, special online discounts and other member benefits.

Entertainment Publications raises $90 million each year for fundraising partners.

Special thanks to Entertainment Publications for this giveaway! :)


Marsh said...

My favorite restaurant in Sacramento is Gonul's J Street Cafe. It's a fusion of California and Turkish cuisines where the food is always fresh, the service always fantastic, the prices reasonable (they're in the E book too) and the atmosphere warm and welcoming.
Frequently Gonul herself will stop and chat. Even though she a successful businessperson and her husband is a doctor, they are open to making a new friend any time opportunity presents itself.

Ally said...

My favorite restaurant in Sac is Mulvaney's, hands down. The food is always fresh and delicious and the service staff always goes above & beyond to make it a wonderful dining experience. Plus who can resist eating in an adorable firehouse?

In this economy, the pricier restaurant owners can maybe do a cheaper prix fixe menu once or twice a month for those of us who are budgeting. Also...maybe not charge for extras like corkage?

Carolyn said...

I like going to Aldaberto's for their super shrimp burritos and chips and salsa. The burrito is big enough to share and has shrimp in every bite. The shredded beef enchilada is pretty tasty as well. Two of us get stuffed on sharing the two items at just under $12 total. We are able to bring our own wine or beer. Our favorite location is the one on Greenback and Hazel. The service is fast and friendly.

More restaurants should do away with corkage! Offering a free appetizer with a meal would be very favorable.

Dan Scott said...

Favorite? That's hard!

I gotta give it up for The Shack (aka The Sub Shack) on 52nd and Folsom. Quality food for a quality price, the best beer selection in the area and nice, nice folks (both the owners and the patrons). BTW, they have expanded their menu beyond sandwiches and are reportedly bringing back WEEKEND BRUNCH!

Suggestions... how about more live music? Theme nights? Door prizes?

No corkage is a GREAT idea. I've got great wine that I would love to pair with great food, but sometimes I am lazy.

Tina said...

Since this is a national contest....

I'm not sure I can identify just one favorite restaurant. I mean, I have a favorite Mexican place (Vallejo's, Sacramento CA), and a favorite seafood place (Scott's, Folsom CA), favorite seafood chain (Legals Seafood) and a favorite Italian place (Lo Sole Mio, Omaha NE), favorite BBQ (Hackert's, Omaha NE; Burton's, Folsom CA), a favorite Chinese place (Fan's, Moraga CA); a favorite Sushi place (Aloha, Folsom CA); a favorite European place (Old Europe, Folsom CA); a favorite pizza place (Great Plains Pizza, Ames IA; Classico Pizzeria, Folsom CA). Chain pizza, Pizza Guys. Favorite chain steak house, Claim Jumpers. Favorite steak house, Harris (San Francisco CA). Favorite breakfast place (Early Toast, Folsom CA).

How can you pick just one?

How can restaurants increase traffic? This is tough to answer. Eating out is the first thing to go in the budget when money gets tight.

My recommendations? Most of the places I listed are locally owned restaurants, not chains. I recommend Happy Hour type offerings that people can go to for cheap or free eats, and they recoup their expenses with alcohol. People are still buying alcohol.

And advertise it. Someone did a roundup of all the happy hour places in Roseville. When I working in Roseville, a couple officemates and I decided we were going to try to hit them all. We'd each spend about $20. Not much, but it introduced us to a new restaurant we had never been to before, and we go back later for dinner.

I work with nonprofits. Some restaurants will donate food to some of our meetings and workshops. I always make a point of going back to those restaurants.

Cooking workshops also work well. There's been a few chefs who've done cooking classes in their restaurants and I always wind up going back to their restaurants. I'd love to go to a sushi cooking lesson. I wish I could afford Bebe's.

Anonymous said...

I don't have one favorite. Sometimes I like the same dish from different places...sometimes different things from the same place. Oshima Sushi, and La Provence to name just two.

I think good fresh food at a fair price is always a draw. Like...If I order scallops as my app...bring more than one scallop on the plate.

BZ Out