Sunday, September 06, 2009

Take the Suki Sushi Challenge!

Recently, I was on the Yelp website when I read about an event called "Sushi Challenge" being held at restaurant in South Sacramento called Suki Sushi. I had never been to or heard of the restaurant, but loved the idea of the challenge (which I will explain a little later in this post), and came down to see the restaurant and meet the owners.

Suki Sushi describes themselves as "a fine Japanese restaurant featuring innovative Japanese cuisine and sushi in a casual, yet upscale atmosphere."

Janny, Tony, & Karen

Suki Sushi, (the family's first business venture) opened on August 28, 2007, under the direction of Tony Chan (who had previously served for 5 years as a chef at the Sheraton in New York). Tony built the restaurant from the ground up, designed the menu, and gave the place a lovely interior. The restaurant is managed by Karen & Janny Su. Opening right at the beginning of the economy's decline and surviving since has been very challenging, but the owners are ramping up business fast by using social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp!) and holding contests such as the Suki Sushi Challenge.

I didn't take the challenge when I visited, but sampled some menu items and took some pictures:

We began by trying the BBQ Albacore Appetizer, composed of thick pieces of albacore, seared and dressed with the house sauce (which can be described as having a bit of a kick).

Menu Description: Grilled Marinated Albacore served with Lettuce, Tomato and Spicy House Sauce

I usually get gyoza when I have Japanese food. Love them. These didn't let me down. They are served with lettuce and a bit of carrot ginger purée.

Menu Description: Pan Fried Japanese Pork and Onion Dumplings

Before recommending a sushi restaurant to anyone, I order a sashimi plate so that I can see the quality and taste the pieces with no sauce on them. These pieces were cut thick and were very fresh.

This was the Nigiri & Sashimi Combo. My favorite part was the ahi. Each cut was like a mini steak!

After the combo plate, I ordered some specialty rolls unique to Suki Sushi. First was the Lobster King Roll. I just loved the use of tobiko (both red and orange). So colorful.

Menu Description: Lobster Tail Tempura and Cucumber Topped with Crab Salad, Avocado, Tobiko, Scallion and Special Sauce

Lastly, I tried the Suki Sushi Roll. This roll had a great texture with the crunch of the tempura flakes on the top, and I also loved the black sesame.

Suki Roll: Spicy Tuna and Shrimp Tempura Topped with Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi, Avocado, Tempura Flakes, Tobiko and Scallion with House Sauce

There are plenty of options on the menu, even a sushi "pizza"(listed on the raw menu) described as a pan cake with spicy tuna, crab salad, tomato, tobiko, scallion, & avocado. Even non-sushi eaters will find their place on the menu with Udon, Nabemono (Japanese Hot Pot), Katsu, and Teriyaki dishes. For a full menu click here.

The Suki Sushi Challenge: Do you have what it takes to beat the Suki Sushi Challenge? Four rolls of sushi "Specialty Rolls" on one plate containing 4 pounds of fresh mouth watering sushi ingredients. If you can finish the plate of sushi within 60 minutes, the meal is free! If you don't finish in an hour, the cost of the meal is $29. Contestants will need to reserve ahead of time and also sign a "Rules & Waiver of Liability Form". For more details, call (916) 681-6688.

Below are some pictures of a previous challenge. A roller coaster evening of laughter, tears, triumph and misery I am sure.

The Challenge Plate

Suki Sushi also offers $0.99 cents Sake on Thursdays & Sundays.

You can become a fan of them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Suki Sushi is located off the Hwy 99 Calvine/Consumnes exit. Do not follow the google map directions, as you will be led to an incorrect location.

If you eat at Suki Sushi, mention you read about them on, and be given a 10% discount!

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