Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ben 10 Cake (Alien) Swarm!

My latest project (this week) was for my friend Tessa's son, Nathan. He wanted a Ben 10 cake, and none of the cakeries/bakeries around here "did" that type of thing. Hmmm... That's the last thing I would say to a paying customer.

I was not sure if I could pull it off exactly, but I didn't want to go disappointing a little boy when his heart was set on Ben 10. I remember how into Jem & the Holograms I was. So I promised to do my best, and took on the job.

I went to a party store in town and they didn't have any Ben 10 party favors to help me in the cake design, so I just relied on a few pics that I saw on the web of cakes others had previously done.

Nathan requested vanilla cake with strawberry, so the cake is made with vanilla bean cake, filled with both strawberry jam and strawberry buttercream, and covered in buttercream flavored fondant.

Happy Birthday Nathan! :)

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