Sunday, January 31, 2010

Enticing & Authentic: Ruen Thai

Yesterday, all of the coconut milk that will be used this week in meals at Ruen Thai was prepared by squeezing dozens of fresh coconuts. That is the way it is made every Saturday by the owner, Toy and his staff, so that all of the sauces, curries, and stir-fries can be made to order for each customer.

We dined at Ruen Thai a few weeks ago and took some pictures of inside the dining area. Ruen Thai is located in the same building block as Crush 29, off of Eureka Road in Roseville, so whether you are looking for a nice atmosphere or somewhere for great take-out, Ruen Thai is suitable for both.

In the dining room, there's a huge fish tank. That's my mystery companion in front of it, watching the fish swim around.

Here's a shot of the bar area, where you can go directly to if you have a takeout order to place or pick up.

During our dinner we ordered an appetizer, and three different dishes to showcase each style of meal on the menu. A stir-fry, a noodle dish, and a curry.

These are the Ruen Thai Rolls on the appetizer menu: Spring rolls stuffed with noodles, tofu, and vegetables, and served with a peanut sauce.

This dish is the pork Pad Prig Sod. It's sliced pork stir-fried with bell pepper, onion and mushrooms.

This is the Chicken Pad Kee Moww. It's stir-fried rice noodles with sliced meat, onion, tomato, bell pepper, and basil leaves.

This is a tilapia dish that the table next to us ordered. It was such a beautiful presentation, I took a picture. It is the pla lard prig, a deep fried whole fish with chili paste, bell pepper, and basil leaves.

This is the beef curry dish, the beef curry pa-nang. It has chili paste, coconut milk, bell pepper, and basil leaves. The curry is something I do not normally order, but now that I have tried it here, I would get it again. The flavor was so complex, being sweet and spicy and smoky and fresh all at the same time.

This is the fried banana with coconut ice cream. When in season, Ruen Thai serves Mango Ice Cream (highly recommended).

A note on spice: The stir-fry and noodle dish we were served had no spice level and the curry had a level one. I thought the stir-fry and noodle dish were great, but next time I know to order at least a level one (they were almost sweet, especially the noodle dish). I liked the curry dish where it was (level 1), but I am pretty sure a lot of people could go for the level 2 without the dish being too spicy.

Finding the perfect dish and heat combination is all a delectable experiment I will enjoy several times at Ruen Thai. I am also going back to try the Thai-style sake they serve called Zato. Sounds interesting.

Ruen Thai is located at 1470 Eureka Road. They are open from Monday to Sunday 11am-9pm. Their website is located here.
All of the food we tried as well as almost everything on their menu can be made vegetarian friendly. There are vegan dishes available as well. Take out orders can be placed by calling 774-1499.

So it's about 10am now, that means they open in an hour... anyone hungry for Thai food? :)

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