Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sac Treasure Hunt Kicks off Monday, January 11th!

The very first Sac Treasure Hunt will start next Monday, January 11th and run until Saturday the 16th. The Sac Treasure Hunt is a fun and interactive game that is open to everyone over the age of 18, and takes place in the Greater Sacramento area.

Simply just follow the clues on twitter and find the secret treasure location at the end.

Here's how the Sac Treasure Hunt will work:

1. First, make sure to sign up for a twitter account ( if you don't already have one; as all clues will originate from their twitter page.

2. Once signed up for a twitter page, be sure to follow them at to look for the daily clues that will be given each morning the week of the Sac Treasure Hunt at 9 AM PST. All STH's will start on a Monday and end on Saturday of the same week.

3. Daily clues and keyword(s) will be given each day, Monday-Friday, and the last clue will be given on that Saturday at 9 AM as well. Clues could be numbers or letters, questions or answers, general Sacramento trivia or maybe something on another website. You will never have to go any where or purchase anything to get a clue, just follow our twitter account for them.

4. Put all the clues together to figure out where the treasure is located after the last clue on Saturday. The actual treasure will not be put in place until Saturday, so if you think you figured the location out beforehand, just wait till Saturday to go and find it.

5. You will also need to remember all the keywords from each specific day (hint: write them down each day and keep them in order).

6. The first 10 people who show up at the secret treasure location on Saturday between 9 AM and 11 AM, and have the correct keywords, will then choose 1 of 10 keys in order of how they arrived; for one of the keys will open the lock of the treasure chest! The next 100 people who show up will receive special offers from our sponsors (such as gift cards or coupons).

7. Once all 10 keys have been accounted for, each key holder in order will then attempt to open the treasure chest. When the treasure chest is finally opened by one of the key holders, the hunt is officially over at that time. (This part of the STH may be filmed to later publish online so everyone can see the drama of 9 keys not working and only 1 working!)

8. The treasure chest will contain prizes and items from local businesses in the Greater Sacramento area. Over $2,500 in total prizes will be given away for the 1st STH. Be sure to read the Prizes and Sponsors post for all the information.

9. The 2nd thru 9th place participants will receive a Sac Treasure Hunt goodie bag that contains free gifts and prizes as well; so all 10 of the key holders will win something for finding the secret treasure chest location first.

10. As noted previously above, the 11th thru 100th people who find the secret treasure chest location will receive special coupons and offers from our be one of the first 100 people to receive something special on Saturday!

For more information and the full list of rules and regs click here.

There are two ways you can win and receive prizes: being one of the first 100 people to find the secret location of the treasure chest and or by retweeting the clues on a daily basis.

The Grand Prize Winner (the one who's key opens the treasure chest!) will receive the following prizes from our sponsors:
• $500 in AMEX gift checks and a Flip Video MinoHD with 8GB from the Sac Treasure Hunt team.
• 3 months of unlimited FREE car washes from Quick Quack Car Wash.
• Over $200 in gift certificates from Jiffy Lube.
• Free baseball tickets to the Sacramento River Cats.
• Free pizzas from Round Table Pizza.
• $50 in gift cards to Del Taco.

....and a few other items!

2nd thru 9th Place:
Each will receive a STH goodie bag with gift cards, free items and prizes from our sponsors.

11th thru 100th Place
Each will receive a special offer or coupon from our sponsors.

Retweeting the daily clues:
Every night at 9 PM, Monday thru Friday of the STH week, someone will be randomly selected who has retweeted the daily morning clue that same day.

Only 1 retweet is necessary to be eligible for the daily prize (note: numerous retweets will not help your chances of winning and may offend your followers!)

Daily prizes for retweeting will be from our sponsors and announced each day.

The official Sac Treasure Hunt webpage is located here.

I will be making a custom cake for the event to reward all the treasure hunters at the ending location. Best of luck to all!!!

The Sac Treasure Hunt is sponsored by Round Table Pizza, Quick Quack Car Wash, The Sacramento Rivercats, Jiffy Lube, and Del Taco.

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