Saturday, April 03, 2010

Red Velvet, Not Just for Christmas…

My mom always made red velvet cake for us for Christmas. The cake itself is of course red, and then the icing she would color a light pale green. She used a cake and frosting recipe that came from her mom. It called for a whole bottle of red food coloring. The icing she made contained cool whip and shortening.

I am not a fan of the cream cheese frosting that comes on a modern red velvet, so I have come up with a much more delicious (in my opinion) cream cheese buttercream frosting. I do use 8 oz of cream cheese and the contents of a whole vanilla bean, and just add it to my signature buttercream.

This cake was for my boyfriend's company's April birthday celebration. The company has "steel" in the name and so I made some of the fondant to look like metal, and used the company colors in the cake. The filling is the cream cheese buttercream I referred to, and it also helps adhere the fondant on top. The fondant is entirely from scratch this time.

The cake itself tastes somewhere in the middle of vanilla and cocoa (there is 1/4 cocoa in the cake), and I am able to use less food coloring because I use the concentrated paste coloring instead of the bottles at the grocery store.

I don't have a set flavor list, I like to work with my customers. What flavor, design, filling, icing do YOU want? I have made everything from goat cheese to mayonnaise, avocado to triple chocolate, cookie dough to fuzzy navel, bacon maple to margarita, the list goes on.

A celebration cake like this made from fresh ingredients, is custom designed, and feeds 20-25 people (10 in round and 6 inch round stacked) starts out at $60. Contact me if you have something to celebrate in cake!

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