Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work it On Out!!

OK, so if you follow me on twitter at all or read some of my facebook updates, you are aware of my current weightloss success. I have used Weight Watchers online and via my iphone app along with a rigorous and early in the morning exercise/weight routine and have managed to lose 22 pounds since May 16th or so. I am ecstatic about my accomplishment, so please forgive me if I share a few blog posts about it. All I am really doing with this is saying that if I can do it, you can too. It's very easy when you eat mostly clean (and not to much!!) and exercise daily.

I am only about 3-5 pounds away from my goal weight, so I will be posting some fun recipes and fitness related items in the next few months along with all the delicious buttercream concoctions, restaurant and hotel reviews, and events (fundraisers, music, wine and beer fests) you are used to seeing here.

For now I am working in Auburn for Placer County at a job I really enjoy.
It's a far commute for me, especially if you factor in my morning gym visits to either Natomas, Granite Bay, or Roseville, (as for now I am back in East Sac).

To make my life a little easier, I decided I would find a gym in Auburn I could just drive to and then go directly to work after. After browsing around town, I saw Total Fitness in Auburn at the corner of Hwy 49 and Palm Ave, and I knew it would be the perfect solution for me, and shave off 30 minutes of commute time. Also, they open at 4am, and that is great for someone like me who has to be in my office, seated, and working by 8am.

I toured Total Fitness yesterday, and got to meet the owner, Linda. The club is very accessible to people of all body types and fitness levels, and is a little more welcoming than a lot of gyms I have visited.

Along with my preferred treadmills and weights, there are a wide array of classes and tanning is available. There is even a patio area in the back where you can just sit and relax outside (they offer FREE wifi for members use).

Here are some other amenities the gym has to offer: large screen TV's, Internet music, Certified Personal Trainers, a strength training center, circuit room, individual and group class areas, locker rooms with private lockers, cardio classes such as spinning and zumba. Here is a link to the class schedules. There is also a nutritional counseling area.

If you are in the Auburn area and are looking for some fitness solutions, check out Total Fitness, recently spotlighted on channel 13 news, located at 210 Palm Ave in Auburn. Their phone number is 530-888-0835.

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Tanya Bermudez said...

Love this! I am also posting about my new weight loss goals, but actually gained weight over the last month instead of lost haha. So definitely trial and error with getting down a routine, but my goal is to be as honest and dedicated as you are!