Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ZAP! The "Zintastic" Zinfandel Advocates & Producers Grand Tasting

This year I went to San Francisco and participated in the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) Grand Tasting, not as a taster, but as a server! I had the opportunity to pour for Sobon Family Wines and helped them promote their line of Zinfandels at Fort Mason.

We were located in the second of two buildings, and it was really something to see all the winemakers and people so passionate about the Zinfandel grape! I was proud to pour for Sobon because I think they make some of the best Zinfandel on the market.

At the Sobon "booth" the masses were able to sample the following:

The 2009 Zinfandel "Old Vines": $13
The 2008 Zinfandel "Rocky Top": $17
The 2008 Zinfandel "Cougar Hill": $18
The 2008 Zin "Fiddletown": $22
The 2008 ReZerve® Zin: $24
The 2008 ReZerve® Primitivo : $24 

Of the wines we poured, two were my favorites. The 2009 Old Vines, and the 2008 Cougar Hill.

The 2009 Old Vines is just a great everyday pizza and burger buy-it-by-the-case wine and tastes wonderful for the price. The 2008 Cougar Hill is a terrific Zin because it has such elegant restraint. All the good qualities are there, fruit, spice, tannins, but it does not punch you in the mouth like some other Amador zins are known to do, nor does the tannin delivery go into overdrive. It just has a great balance overall, and a fair price as well.

You can find any of the wines I mentioned here. Also, they are available by the glass and bottle at many of your favorite restaurants in Sacramento, and many of their wines can be found at Nugget and Cost Plus World Market. Call (209) 245-4455 to find out your nearest location, or come to the winery at 12300 Steiner Road, in Plymouth for a visit/tasting before you buy 9:30am–5:00pm.

You can find Sobon Wines on facebook here and follow them on twitter here.

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