Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No Reservations?

I screened this movie last night with a lucky cg fan. Ha!
What did I think? Well, surely I am not allowed to say much--since the film has not yet been released and won't be until next week, but Catherine Zeta is more delicious than the movie. I am happy to report that my hair was just as long, dark and gorgeous as hers, as my dealer shipped my new Brittany to me just in time.

I had some issues with Abigail Breslin's character... not so much her acting... but... arg... and the movie did drag on a little bit. And, was more than predictable. Ah well, it's summer cotton candy fluff and a decent romantic comedy, if you are into stuff like that.

Media usually doesn't win any of the goodies given away at movie premieres, but we snagged a box of Ettore's cookies because my company's seat had a spatula taped to the bottom. Suh-weet! Thanks Ettore's! We shared with the rest of our row. Spreading the cookie love. :)

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Unknown said...

Hmm.. still deciding on seeing that or not.