Monday, July 02, 2007

Those Pinot Days... Tasting Notes...

Fort Mason, pinot museum for the weekend...

I am counting all the brochures I collected from the wineries yesterday (if I like it, I pick up a brochure. If I REALLY like it, I get out a pen and circle what I tried and actually take notes (nerd alert). I think I tasted 30-40 different pinot noirs, rosés, and pinot blancs. I was specifically looking for some whites and rosés, as I am eating more sushi and vegetarian meals and it's summer and chilled wines are just more appropriate right now. Not that I will stop my red sipping completely... I am still a zin girl through and through...

Fess Parker rep. Fess Parker = I'll pretty much drink anything this winery produces. They poured three pinots, usually the wineries had a 2004, a 2005 and a reserve.

The tasting essentials...

One of the many gourmet food samples... There were also samples from olive oil companies, and Aidell's Meats. They had a mango sausage that I did not try. I was there for the wine! :)

Scientists = cool. Cheese scientists = nonpareil! ;)

Cute lil bread boy. Carbs, gotta love 'em! :)

Cakegrrl says DRINK THESE!!!:

J. Wilkes Pinot Blanc. A great white, pearish.

Row Eleven Russian River Pinot Noir
This one encompasses a true pinot. I tasted a lot of pinots that didn't really taste like pinot noirs. Some were more like zins and cabs... This one was dead on.

Nicholson Ranch.

The 2006 Ramona Rosé and the 2004 Pinot Noir Estate Cactus Hill. The Rosé was awesome. Apparently, this winery (Napa Valley) hosts weddings and such. Nice people.

Bohemian Vineyard. Go for the 2004 pinot.

And... I am all about Fiddlehead Cellars. I would have bought a bottle of their Pink Fiddle yesterday, but no one was selling. Whhaaa??? This makes me a little sad, because I was hoping to drink this on Independence Day. Does anyone know if this is available somewhere other than online? Their Fiddlestix 2003
was also a favorite of mine.

OK, so there you have it!

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