Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Gala at the Towe Auto Museum

On Friday evening I attended the Towe Auto Museum's annual fundraising gala. I had never been to the museum before, and was under the false impression that it is located in Old Sacramento with the other museums and old-timish looking buildings. The Towe is actually located off of Broadway, almost in a warehouse type district. I want to tell you though, it's quite the perfect place to hold an event! I never thought about this place to be on the list of possible party venues, but apparently, people rent out the museum all the time! Parking is not an issue... there is plenty available.

Here was the set up for the gala... The tables were on tiered platforms facing a stage, where a big band played old standards like "April in Paris" and "It Only Happens When I Dance with You." Each table was decorated with glittery stars… A friend commented to me that whenever they see stars, star-shapes, star this or that..., it is a sign that they are "exactly where they are supposed to be in that moment." Good thought.

Here is the wonderful veggie tray from which I grazed the entire evening…

What? Are you kidding me? I went to the Auto Museum and this is all they had on display? ;)
No, actually it's an overview of the I-80, Hwy 50, Capital City Freeway merge on a Friday at 5:00pm. OK, it's a picture of one of the silent auction items. :)

Here are some mini pizzas from Il Fornaio.

Crostinis and tomato by Il Fornaio.

Here is one of the wines that was served to our table. The label is Gold Hill. I later found out the the winery is a frequent winner at the California State Fair. No wonder I enjoyed it so much. We were also served a pinot noir by Ironstone Vineyards at my table.

And here are some of the cupcakes that were served for dessert. There was some sort of wonderful eggnog flavored creation in there (the mini one all the way on the right).

The Auto Museum's logo the logo on the invites were even on the cupcakes! Cute!

The Towe Auto Museum's mission is to preserve, promote, and teach automotive culture and its influence on our lives - past, present and future. It is located at 2200 Front Street Sacramento, CA 95818. You can contact them at (916) 442-6802 or email with general questions: info at toweautomuseum dot org. The museum is open to the public 7 Days a week, 10:00am–6:00pm.

The Towe Auto Museum's Alhambra Events Area [6,400 sq. ft 80' X 80' ] is available for rental for a variety of public and private functions. I HIGHLY recommend the Towe. The space is a great size for a fundraiser or medium size wedding. There are even extra services available on request such as cars parked on the stage as decoration, grand presentation (guest of honor makes entrance in one of our automobiles), Wurlitzer Organ performance, Vic’s Ice Cream service, and catering & beverage service.

The Towe will be hosting a special Christmas concert on Sunday, December 7th at 1pm and 3:30pm. For more information, click here.

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