Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vinous Envy: Wine and Food Pairing Challenge, Upscale Comfort Foods

I am in a meetup group called Vinous Envy. Here is the description of the group on the listing:

Vinous Envy
: A group of wine aficionados, who possess at least a basic knowledge of wine. We yearn to taste more, learn more, and share the fun times and each other's company while exploring the vast and fabulous world of wine!

So, this group holds events (every so often) called "Food and Wine Pairing Challenges". They are cooking and pairing contests in which a lot of pride and effort go into creating dishes and coming up with their perfect wine matches to share with each other. We also do it for bragging rights and even a little cash!

The theme of this challenge was "Upscale Comfort Foods".
Each team of two were randomly picked from a list of people who signed up to attend the event. One person was in charge of the food, and one person was in charge of the wine pairing.

I was a judge at this event, though everyone who attended got to taste and vote. Maximum fun for all that way!

The evening was kicked off with this delicious salad that our hostess, Tammi, prepared. It was a mixed greens salad with candied walnuts, feta cheese, and persimmons! Yum.

Then, each dish was sampled by all, along with the chosen wine. Here are pictures of each dish and wine label they chose to pair it with:

Andrea & Bart

Potatoes au Gratin with Ham

2006 Acadia Chardonnay

Rick & Lori

Lobster Mac & Cheese

2006 Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Chardonnay

Chuck & Mary

Chicken Forestier
2005 Artesa Pinot Noir

Alan & Bill

Shepard's Pie

2006 Ruffino Chianti Classico Aziano Tuscany

Marsh & Caroline

Extra Sharp Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

2006 Matchbook Tempranillo Dunnigan Hills Winery

Paul & Cyndi

Sloppy Joe Tartlets with Cornbread Crust

2007 Sobon Estate Amador County Zinfandel Old Vines

Darralyn & Tessa

Tuscan Ragu with Polenta

2005 Brutacao Quadriga

Lyle & Dawn

Beef Bourguignon with Potatoes

2004 Foppiano Petite Sirah, Russian River Valley

Nancy & Jason

Caramel Apple Crisp

Quarles Porto

Noelle & Scott

Pots de Creme au Chocolat

2006 Carol Shelton "Black Magic" Late Harvest Zinfandel, Somoma

Our hostess Tammi carefully tallied all the votes after all the dishes were presented. Tension filled the room (not really) as the winners were about to be announced. And a hush fell over the crowd…

Third Place Winners: Andrea and Bart, Potatoes au Gratin with Ham

Second Place Winners: Tessa and Darralyn, Tuscan Ragu with Polenta

First Place Winners: Noelle & Scott, Pots de Creme au Chocolat

And as you can see, no one had any fun at all:

Me and my homies… what a splendid evening!

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foodiewinegal said...

Hi Kristy...loved your blog! as well as the display of photo's! I had no idea that you did cakes for events! That's great! Looking forward to talking with you more at the next event we both attend!