Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Visiting China & Hong Kong?
Bring Your Appetite

So a buddy of mine is in China right now, learning about his heritage and eating his way through the country (he also visited Hong Kong)! I asked him to send me some pictures of the dishes he has tasted and enjoyed so that I could share them with all of you. I was pleasantly surprised with the word document I received from him, (full of descriptions of 20 different items!), so I am just going to paste what he wrote to identify the foods (verbatim) along with the pictures. Please enjoy this guest post from JH! Thanks so much. Please have a safe trip home and I will see you when you get back to Sacramento...

Good Eats in China & Hong Kong by JH:

Salad Ribs (From Hong Kong)

Eel in Claypot : (From Hong Kong)
Ingredient: Eel, Fried tofu, mushrooms & green Onions

Special Asian Clams with black bean sauce (From Hong Kong)

Octopus with Squid ink: Only available in one restaurant in HK

Chinese Hot Pot (From Beijing)
The pot contains beef broth (or super spicy broth) , and the center metal device allow you to add coal to keep the broth boiling. The meat contains Beef, chicken and lamb. (Lamb is very popular in Northern Chinese crusine) Everybody just pick their ingredient that they want, put it in the hot broth for a few seconds, and dip it into a special sauce that contain soy, green onion, garlic and cilantro. It is a great way to keep you warm.

Bamboo (From Beijing): I have no idea how they prepare it, but it is super soft and super delicious.

Steam chicken: (Beijing)
Again, I have no idea how they prepare it, but it is very good.

Sea Snails with spicy sauce

Mushroom Soup – Many different wild mushroom with Pork. It takes six hours to make this soup

Ingredient: Pepper, slice pork, green beans and rice underneath

Steam fish with pasta
There are two different fish, with two different sauces. The red sauce has tomato and red pepper. The green has the pickle vegetables and special sauce. The pasta are spinach pasta. Super tasty, and super spicy.

Roasted Lamb with special sauce

Stir fry special mushroom with vegetables

Stir fry Lamb with mixed vegetables


BBQ Lamb with special seasoning

Vegetable with Cranberry sauce: This particular vegetable (Name unknown) only grows in the snow.

Peking Duck
One of the most famous Chinese Dishes. (Very rare in US). The chief will prepare their duck with their own special receipt, and they roast the duck in hot fire. After the duck is done, they will slice the skin and the meat to serve. The rest of the duck will be used in a soup. To eat this dish, you simple put a few pieces of ducks on a pancake, add cucumber, green onion and the sweet sauce, wrap it like a taco and ready to eat.

Dessert: Coconut pastry with tapioca inside

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