Friday, January 21, 2011

Are you LivingSocial?

It's hip to be frugal, haven't you heard?

Were you one of the 1,301,296 people who bought the LivingSocial credit on Wednesday? You know, the one worth $20 for only $10? How could you resist such a deal? I bought it, too!

Today's deal is $50 for $100 worth of food at Old Europe in Folsom.

Do you a small business? More specifically... do you own a salon, store, or a restaurant?

OK, so for those of you who groan at the idea of using a "coupon" to attract customers...please keep reading. LivingSocial focuses on seeking out quality merchants. The company is pretty selective in the merchants they ask to participate. Only the best restaurants, day spas, et cetera to attract "experience seekers", not just "deal seekers". Those customers would most likely return to your business with or without a discount!

Another little factoid about LivingSocial... people "opt in" to join. LivingSocial customers are primarily well educated and social media savvy. Other online daily discount sites tend to spam mail their subscribers.

For businesses that sign on with LivingSocial, your ad is your ad. You are the main course and you will never be served as a side dish!! Other daily deal sites have a featured deal and a "side" deal. Sometimes the side deals get lost in the fine print. Living Social promotes you and only you on the day your deal runs.

LivingSocial uses what else? Social Media!! to promote you virally. Mainly Facebook and Twitter. Currently Sacramento has a list size of over 110,000 subscribers and growing daily! Therefore, when we run your ad, there is a Facebook and Twitter share button for subscribers to use to get their deal for free. That means your business has the likelihood of being exposed to a quarter million people within one day.

Three equals one FREE! If someone purchases your ad, there is an incentive for them to share the deal on Facebook and Twitter. If they share the link they purchased their LivingSocial deal from, and 3 people buy from that same link, they automatically get their deal for free (LivingSocial picks up the tab for the FREE deal).

Speaking of social media... LivingSocial helps build your brand and Facebook pages by offering an additional $1 off for subscribers to become a 'fan' of your page (building your brand well after your deal runs).

The day after your deal runs, you will immediately be given a link to a 'client portal' that will give you a list of names and corresponding voucher numbers for you to track. This also shows demographics (from where your subscribers are purchasing) and allows you to track results. Kind of cool, huh?

Soon, the Sacramento market will be launching a "Family Edition." Guess what? This feature is exclusive to LivingSocial! Another bonus: All "Family Edition" deals/features will run for an entire week (7 days). More exposure for your business and more likely to be purchased and shared amongst other families.

So, are you LivingSocial? Take a peek at the past deals here, and if you are interested in advertising with LivingSocial, click here!

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