Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love is in the Air… a Valentine's Dinner by Chefs Pajo Bruich & Mark Lieberman

Pssst...So... have you made plans for the big day? 

You know, it's only a few weeks away... are you really going to do what you did last year and wait until everything is all booked and look like a total screw up...Again!?

Are you looking for a special/unique/romantic idea that doesn't involve chain restaurants with a red blinky buzzer and a cattle herd line out the door?

I can help you with a suggestion. A delicious answer to your amorous culinary prayers...
If you were my Valentine and wanted to impress me, I would suggest the "Love is in the air…" dinner.

Why? Well, duh...because Chef Pajo Bruich is ONLY on the cover of the February Sacramento Magazine...and Chef Mark Lieberman is only moments away from opening his meaty Sacramento dining establishment, Black Sheep Butchery!

Not enough reason? OK, well... have you seen how pretty the food is on the plate? Each course is like a valentine. Also, not only is the food Pajo creates pleasing to the eye, but an experience to the palette. Oh yeah, and he just happens to work with closely with the Sommelier formerly of The French Laundry, Anani Lawson.

Anyway, Pajo's newest venture is called The Private Table. Check out the website's trailer here. Pretty sweet, huh?

Alright, then…

If you are still not convinced to take your sweetie (or me) to the "Love is in the air…" dinner, here's the menu:

-32 Degrees Smoked Salmon Mousse
American Sturgeon Caviar, Champagne, Creme Fraiche Pearls
Optional Wine Pairing: 2009
Spoto Chardonnay                                                  

Soup of Del Rio Purple Sweet Potato
Black Trumpet Mushroom, Chicken Wings Dusted In Nuts & Seeds


Foie Gras Au Torchon
Red Beet and Tea Cure, Pickled Beets, Blood Orange ($20 supplement)

Optional Wine Pairing: 2008 Spoto Syrah                                                        

Twice Cooked Dayboat Scallop
Piquillo Pepper, Medjool Date, Meyer Lemon Confit, Marcona Almonds


Acquerello Carnaroli  Risotto
Shaved Perigord Truffles, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Red Wine Jus ($15 supplement)

Optional Wine Pairing: 2008 Spoto Cuvee Arianna                                              

Calotte De Beouf Cuit Sous Vide
Black Garlic, Spinach, Oxtail Marmalade, Capers & Chervil

Optional Wine Pairing:  2007 Spoto Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon        

Pave of Valrhona Dark Chocolate
Espresso Ice Cream, Caramelized White Chocolate, Cocoa Nib, Goats Milk Caramel

The meal is $75 per person, exclusive of gratuity.

Optional Spoto Wine Tasting $40 per person.

Dinner will be served at:
Steel Magnolia Kitchen
701 16th Street
Sacramento, Ca 95814

on Saturday February 12th & Sunday February 13th
5:30 pm - 1st Seating
8:30 pm - 2nd Seating

$75 per person, 4 courses 

You can reserve your tables here. I would do it sooner than later because since the Chef is on the cover of Sac Mag, it will probably sell out completely. You heard it here first! Roses not included, but preferred. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!

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Anonymous said...

That's great news. good for him! Look forward to meeting you Friday. -Gina Funk Nelson