Sunday, January 23, 2011

San Francisco Fancy Food Show: Judy's Breadsticks!!

There are still probably about 20 products from the San Francisco Fancy Food Show that I still want to write and tell you about. I was very happy/excited to attend the event for the third year in a row, and was just as impressed this year as I am every year. The show is colossal, and if you have never been, I suggest you attend the show at least two days of the three just to see everything and to allow time to speak with the vendors. If you are a food geek, or work in the industry in anyway, you will love this show. If you are on the east coast, there is one in Washington D.C. this summer. You should go if you can. Or there's always next year in San Francisco.

Now I'd like to throw a little LOVE to a company called Judy's Breadsticks. More specifically, to a product called Lovesticks.

Judy's Breadsticks is a company founded by Lynda Najarian and Judy Griswold (a former executive chef and baker for over thirty years at Mendocino's The Little River Inn).

Together, the pair named the product Judy's Breadsticks of Mendocino and found an industrial kitchen in Marin County to service the Bay Area where Lynda is from. She told Judy, "You bake 'em, I'll sell 'em!" and sell she did - like nobody has sold bread before.

Lynda was at the Fancy Food Show supporting her products, and gave me samples of the to take home with me and try. Click here to read more about here.

The Judy's Breadsticks product line is vegan and baked with organic wholegrain and wheat flours, olive oil, barley malt, pink crystal sea salt and yeast, and handrolled in seeds.

The "Twigs" are 100% organic wholegrain wheat flour, flavored with either Sunflower, Sweet Currant, Coffee Bean, Roasted Garlic or Ali's Sesame. They are crunchy, pencil-sized, savory or sweet, California rustic country style.

My favorite from the sample bags that I was given were the Sweet Currant. I like them as a dessert. Bread is my big vice, so when I have it, I like to have the artisan type and a small amount. The dipping sticks are a perfect treat with a glass of wine.

Are you interested in trying them? Click here to find out where to find them!

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