Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cakes! Happy Birthday Sara & Maryann!!

Here are a few fun cakes I made yesterday. One of them was donated for the Popfest 2011 silent auction. The lady who won the bid is celebrating her birthday today, so she called me and asked to redeem her prize. She ordered a Raspberry Red Velvet with Raspberry and Cream Cheese filling. This cake was made to serve 25-30 people.

The second cake's top layer is Raspberry Red Velvet with Raspberry and Cream Cheese filling, and the bottom layer is Margarita Lime with Margarita Buttercream filling. This cake looks large in the picture, but it's only a 9in with a 6in tier. It would serve about 15.

It was so fun to make the marbled fondant and the flowers by hand.

If you are interested in a cake or dessert for any occasion, contact me via twitter or email me: cakegrrl2007 at gmail!

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